Friday, May 27, 2016

Kris Aquino And Senator Antonio Trillanes Have Seen Together in Hawaii

By Alon Calinao Dy: It has been the most popular talks on social media that there are Filipinos in Honolulu who have seen ABS-CBN Talk show host Kris Aquino and Senator Antonio Trillanes together in Hawaii. If this is true, what is their real business?

It was reported that Trillanes went to Hawaii for business purpose. How long should he go on leave? Is he gone forever or gonna come back after a relaxing vacation?

Senator Trillanes and Actress Aquino had their controversial issues during the past 2016 Presidential election. Being the center of attraction among netizens, the two is believed to have been spotted in Hawaii wherein many Filipinos are living in that state.

Whether their purpose is business or too personal, Filipinos don't forget what they did in the past election and no longer believe in them. Some netizens said they can't be trusted anymore.

I think there's nothing wrong with that if Trillanes and Aquino were spotted together in Honolulu, Hawaii. But what I don't like is that some speculations from Filipinos that they might be thinking for another move to derail the incoming president Duterte.

This unconfirmed report on social media is now going viral, and it seems Filipinos want to talk about it and they want proof like photos that Filipinos indeed spotted them in Hawaii.