Friday, May 27, 2016

Chinese Ambassador To Duterte: He Is A Very Strong Leader

By Alon Calinao Dy: Filipino fishermen were happy to know that they could roam around the Scaborough Island freely as the China coast guard watched and treated them well.

One Fisherman said that he did not expect this to happen and what reasons why the chinese are now different traits compared before. Perhaps, Duterte improved the relationship between China and Philippines.

After the testimony of the Filipino fishermen, the Chinese Ambassador confirmed that the incoming president Rodrigo Duterte approached them to allow pinoy fishermen fish in West Philippine Sea.

The Chinese ambassador was impressed to Duterte and he said that he is "a very strong leader." It seemed the relationship between China and Philippines is working out and the ambassador admitted that this is the kind of relationship they want in settling the issues of West Philippine Sea.

Many foreign leaders like the strong discipline and toughness of presumptive president-elect Duterte. As a matter of fact, foreign investments this year are going to grow since the interest of international investors is expected to rise in the coming months.