Sunday, January 24, 2016

No To Exploration Mining

By Alon Calinao Dy: People have already learned that mining destroys wildlife habitats, nature, and people's lives. Isn't enough that thousands of people died in Yolanda, internationally known as Haiyan, because of the fatal destruction it made in the so-called place of Tacloban and other places as well? How many innocent lives we have to sacrifice on mining  thousands?

With the constant visit of strong typhoons in the Philippines particularly in Samar and Leyte, taking good care of our nature is the only defense we have right now against unexpected disasters so that we can save many more lives.

Mining can ignite coal fires with poor air quality, releases toxic chemicals that can cause lung disease among people who live nearby and miners. Not only that, it can also contaminate water supplies which makes the water not safe for drinking and cooking. 

Every year, miners are in danger, putting their lives at risk, and thousands of them die because mine collapses and accidents are prone aside from coal dust inhalation they encounter from their working sites.

Contaminated water supplies, air pollution, formation of sinkholes, toxic heavy metals, health risks, risk of flooding, destruction of wildlife habitats, deforestation, and other problems, are one of the causes of exploration mining.

In other words, mining made me think about how much I admired those people who oppose in this activity. It's everyone's right to protect the majority welfare of the people involved. It's not all about the money you get from those big companies who do not care the children's future until they get what they really want, but it's how we protect our loved ones.

I am sorry but the people have realized that protecting the environment is everyone's business.