Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Why Do Filipino Voters Engage in Massive Vote Buying?

By Alon Calinao Dy: It's a Philippine election season once again. Expect registered voters engage in massive vote buying on May 2016. I can see that everyone is happy from the money they receive from these politicians. Those political leaders we despise, now become the most helpful and friendly people in their respective places.

Here we go again, accepting money in exchange for the better future of our children. Here we go again voting the same politicians who stole our money. Here we go again listening to the same sound of music. Can't we stop for a while and keenly evaluate ourselves if we are one of them, exercising the trick of vote buying?

Of course, I do understand that money plays a vital role in life particularly if politicians want to get a majority of votes. I just can't fathom why people complain after the election why these politicians they vote are not doing anything for the progress of the country as a whole, or let's say in their areas of responsibility. Your votes are being paid, so no need to complain.

What makes election in the Philippines dangerous is these three: Guns, Goons, and Gold. I don't think a politician will spend a huge amount of money without a big return of their expenses after the election. I don't think they will risk their lives on electorate without the gold that they are aiming for. I don't think there's a honest politician who would say that he is not a corrupt and keeps on winning in the election without spending a single cent of money. I don't think so. 

Even though there is a gun ban during the election, it seems there's no effect when prominent politicians can secretly carry guns for the reason of protecting themselves against their political rivals. Their private armies are always alert ensuring the safety of their bosses as they are paid to do the job even if it means killing opponents.

How many times people know that politics is a dirty game? It is a season of vote buying without a chance to exercise their political right because voters are paid to vote politicians who have given them money and fake promises for a better future. How many times people should learn the truth that a real problem is not from these politicians but comes from themselves? How many times we need to fall and wake up?

I do believe the reason why Filipino voters engage in massive voting buying is due to poverty secondary to lack of education or information. 

I'd like to know your own opinion why people accept money from these crooks rather than stand and fight for their principles in life. Is it because of poverty? Is it because of lack of education? What's your feedback for this?