Friday, June 6, 2014

Famous Poems For Jesus Christ

By Alon Calinao Dy: I believe most of us are poets in our own way. I have been a poet since I was a child and a poetry lover all my life. 

Writing these pieces of poetry is one my ways to show how much I love our Lord Jesus. My love for Him is boundless no matter how many times I fail in life.

So here are my poems I have made for Jesus. These poems have been published everywhere. I just want to express my gratitude for those who displayed my poems on their websites. I also want to thank Turnback To God site for distributing my works.

People of God
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Happy are those who believe in God,
And those who follow His every word,
Blessed are those who walk in the Good,
And those who fear the Lord.

Those who humble themselves in front of others,
And those who do not envy their sisters and brothers,
For the Lord God is on their side,
And His Holy Spirit will always guide.

Those who do the righteous ways,
God will bless all their days,
As He will protect their health,
And show them the true wealth.

Blessed are those people of the Lord,
And those who do not fear the evil's sword,
Blessed are those people of God,
Who honor and shed His blood.

A Poem For Jesus
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From the start, O Lord God,
You held me close when I was lost
And believed in me beyond
A shadow of a doubt.

I knew from the beginning,
My life was a wonderful blessing.
I wasn't supposed to ask You why
But you helped me to live
My life every day.

O Lord God, The Most Powerful,
Thank you for everything and for all
The things that are bright and beautiful.
I love you from the deepest of my heart
And I promise my love for you
Will never be apart.

God is My Secret
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People are asking me,
Why I'm so happy?
They know it's not my birthday,
Yet I have the happiest face.

They come and tell me,
''You're the nicest person I've ever met.''
They can't believe what's on me
Like I have inner mystery and secret.

When I walk down the road,
Friends are calling my name
Aloud as if they're proud
To have a friend like me.

They wonder where my secret lies.
I always say,
It's the love I find in JESUS.
And yes, the same love I share for people.

Faith in God
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I was four years old
When I didn't believe in God.
I thought God was not true,
But He helped me when I felt blue.

In my dream, I saw the Lord Jesus Christ.
He told me He died for us
For the forgiveness of our sins
And for the fulfillment of the New Testament.

When I woke up that night,
I cried so hard.
Now I truly understand
And I won't let Jesus out of my sight.

I know there are things that are hard
For someone like me to comprehend,
Yet I never lose my hope and faith
Because God is my food of strength.

Today I promise myself to be good
And spread the words of our Lord God
Even in my own little ways
I'll serve him all my remaining days.

God Only Knows
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God opens doors of opportunity that
No one can close.
Do not be upset
When you encounter troubles,
Good things will happen in our lives.

Leave all deadly sins behind
Including jealousy and hatred.
Be faithful to Him and
Do the righteous ways.

Even though someone
"Put your life in danger and in sorrows."
Be happy each day and
Learn how to forgive.

He knows our desires before
We even know them.
Learn how to appreciate
His Almighty Blessings.

Indeed, we will be able to thank Him
With all our hearts and
With all our souls as
He works in a mysterious ways.

Therefore, God only knows what
No one can predict.
Be thankful each day and
Live happily.

God's Gifts
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God gave me a pen and a paper
To write.

God gave me knowledge
To share.

God gave me a loving heart
To forgive.

God gave me a new life
To be good.

God gave me a wonderful family
To love.

God gave me money
To spend wisely.

God gave me difficulties
To make me strong.

God gave me power
To condemn evil.

God gave me a great job
To nurse the sick.

God gives me everything
I want in my life.

Greatest Gifts

Whatever I need in this world,
Pleasure is my secondary goal
The greatest gift is to love God
And being good to my neighbors
Without being paid by any employers.
That's what makes me immortal
With happiness, beauty and love
Within my heart and soul;
Being kind to human race
Is what I do best, beyond compare.

I Don't Simply Love Jesus Because...
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I don't love Jesus simply
Because my friends have said so.
I don't go to Holy Mass on Sunday
Just because my parents would ask me everyday.
I attend the Sacrament of the Eucharist
Because I've always had a great interest...

I don't regularly confess my sins,
It's not because I have nothing to admit,
Or because I'm such a nice person.
But when I do repent my wrongdoings,
I see to it,
I'm headed in the right direction.

I don't simply love the Savior Jesus
Because the scripture said, "Love Jesus."
I love Jesus for He gives my life a true essence.
I don't want to pretend in front of Him
And sing His triumphal hymn
Without His real presence.

Yes, I really love my Lord Jesus
Because He is the Son of God.
I know I'll be safe under His command.
I love Jesus because He's my helping hand;
His love is the greatest and pure, not a fraud!
Tell me, who wouldn't love Him anyway?

I Love You Lord Jesus
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I love you, Lord.

I love you, Lord
More than anyone in this world
Because Your love is the greatest of all.

I love you, Lord
For You are my Protector
When the world is against me.

I love you, Lord
Because You are the one
Who gives me strength and hope.

I love you, Lord
Because You alone
Who understand me.

I love you, Lord
Because You love me
More than I love you.

I love you, Lord
For helping my family,
Relatives, and friends.

I love you, Lord
Because You are my guiding light
When my life is full of darkness.

O Lord, so many reasons to love you
But even without these reasons,
I still love you, Lord Jesus.

I know,
You have loved me before,
You love me now,
You will love me tomorrow,
And for the rest of my life.

I love you, Lord Jesus...

Lord Jesus, You Are The One
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Lord Jesus, You are the one.

Who gives me strength and hope
When doubts and fears arise.

Who stands alone for me
Overcoming life's adversaries.

Who protects me from devastation
And helps me resist life's temptations.

Who leads me the right path to choose
In most difficult situations of my life.

Who saves me when I become frail
To fight the forces of evil.

Who gives me this gift so that
Others may see the light- Your light.

Who takes away my pain and sufferings
All throughout the days of sorrows.

Who is my Lord, my King,
And The Creator Of Everything.

Who I will always love and serve
For the rest of my life.

Lord Jesus, You are the one.

Our Lord Jesus is With You
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You may be alone in this world
With no friends around you
'Cause every word you say is true,
Our Lord Jesus is with you.

You may feel abandon by your loved ones-
Family, relatives, and friends.
Put all your trust to our Lord Jesus,
He will guide you throughout your sorrows.

You may be judged by your enemies
With their bitterness and tilted lies.
Have faith in Jesus and be merciful,
God Himself will reveal the truth for all.

Even in your days of success, happiness,
Anger, loneliness, frustration, weariness...
Our Lord Jesus is with you always.
He loves you as His precious ones.

Somewhere down the endless line
In which they called "Eternal Life,"
Jesus will reward you in Heaven
And no more sufferings and pain.

When I am with You, O Lord Jesus
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When I'm with you, O Lord Jesus,
All my worries disappear like dust.
By your grace and love,
My life is so complete.

When I'm alone in the dark,
I call upon your name, O Most Loving God.
It's only then I find happiness and peace
In my heart, soul and mind.

When Your Holy Spirit guides me,
My soul glides high in the mountains.
I need you by my side, O Lord Jesus,
I can't live without you in my life.

My God, I can feel the joy in my heart.
Now my life seems perfect and right.
O Lord Jesus,
You are behind these diamond smiles.

When I'm with you, my Lord Jesus,
Your love is my source of strength & hope.
You protect me from pain and sufferings.
You shelter me from the heartache of life.

Why I Believe in God
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Just like everyone else,
I have ups and downs in life.
But I do believe in God
More than anyone in this world.

I believe in God Almighty
For He is my refuge.
He shows me the right path of life
And guides me every step of the way.

When I feel the weight of the world,
He is the one who carries my own cross.
Softly He says,
' My son, I won't leave you behind.'

I cry so many times
For the forgiveness of my sins.
God is always listening to me
And embraces me full of love.

I believe in the name of Jesus,
He who died for our sins,
The Saviour of the world
And The Son of God.

Jesus, My True Inspiration

Jesus, I love you...
I love you because you love me too.
Jesus, forgive me,
As I forgive those who have sinned against me.

Jesus, guide me
For I am lost.
You are everything to me,
And You're my Messiah, whom I love the most.

O Lord Jesus,
Please, stay and never let go.
I feel so much better with you.
Thank you, O Lord Jesus.

You make all things right.
Now, evils are out of my sight.
You are my true inspiration.
For now, I can resist temptation.

I love you, Jesus...

Why I Love Jesus

While riding a city bus,
I remembered Jesus...
He died on the cross for us.
I asked myself, "What's the purpose?"

I have so many questions,
Why he sacrificed his life?
I heard different suggestions,
Yet no one really knew His strife.

I have come to know
That He must undergo,
A word called "Sacrifice,"
In order for us to live in Paradise.

This is one of the reasons why,
I love my Lord Jesus,
And why I cry for Jesus,
I love You, Jesus...

Dear Jesus
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Dear Jesus,
Guide me along my way
For I've made mistakes in the past.
And even today,
It's not my very last.

Dear Jesus,
I know I don't deserve You,
But I have come to You
For protection
And salvation.

Dear Jesus,
I ask you to send
Your Holy Spirit upon me,
And take me to Your Home
When my time has come
To an end.

Dear Jesus,
I will praise your name,
I will make you fame,
I will love and respect you,
And I'll always remember you.

I love you so much,
Oh Lord Jesus.

Thank You Lord Jesus

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Thank You Lord Jesus,
For having You in my life,
For watching my dearest wife,
And for taking care of us.

Thank You for all the blessings,
For every food on the table,
For making my job stable,
And for all the things.

And even though sometimes,
I have committed crimes,
Thank You for your patience,
Understanding and guidance.

O Lord, I come to You,
Because You never give up on me,
You have loved me,
Despite everything, I have done to You.

Thank You Lord Jesus...

Jesus Christ is With Me

Jesus, when I need you most,
You are always there
From coast to coast
Or from everywhere.

Even though I am a sinner,
You never judge me,
You still love me,
And You make me feel like a winner.

Sometimes, I wonder why,
Your Words I couldn't apply
You have given me everything--
Your love, kindness and understanding.

You're the Greatest King of all,
You've saved the world from downfall,
And You've loved Your children endlessly.

So many times You've stood before me,
You have fought for me,
You have touched my soul,
And You have made me whole.

Come and save my sinful spirit.
I need to restore the beauty on it,
And I need You every single day,
For without You, I won't last a day.

Help me, Oh Lord God.
Give me hope and courage,
Make me out of the rage,
And give me power to fight against all odds.

Remember me, Oh Lord,
Remember me as Your child
Who needs extra care when I go wild.
Remember me, Oh Lord.

I'm not worthy to receive You,
I have sinned against my brothers and sisters;
I hurt the feelings of others.
But all these, I pray to You.

Save all the people
For they exult Your name in Your temple.
Save all the souls
For they don't know yet, their true goals.

Thank You, Oh Lord God,
For what You have done.
Thank You, Oh Lord God,
For making all people as one.

In spite of everything,
You have understood my feelings;
You have given me all these things
That I am now enjoying.

Someday, somewhere,
We would be together.
I will thank You,
For all I have received from You.

When the world turns against me,
I would call upon Your name,
I would never be put into shame,
And I would claim the victory!

I will not fear,
For I'll always adhere
To Your Words of Wisdom.
And Yes! I'm proud for what I become.

Thank You, Oh God,
You make my mind open and broad,
Thank You, Oh Lord,
I now follow Your every word.

Morning will come and the sun will shine,
Evening will go dark,
But Your love is most divine,
That's why it will always spark.

Every night I pray,
That Your Will be done,
To make all nations as one.