Sunday, August 7, 2016

King Salman of Saudi Arabia Helps OFWs Under Duterte Administration

By Alon Calinao Dy: His Highness Saudi King Salman Bin Abdullaziz Al Saud has helped more than 11,000 overseas Filipino workers who are stranded to find work in Saudi Arabia after Philippine officials met with their representatives of Ministry of Labor and Social Development.

President Duterte has promised OFWs to take good care of them after he received reports of abuse and maltreatment particularly to those Filipino household workers. 

Recently, OFWs sent a video asking for help to the new administration. The President and its representatives immediately gave an assistance to Filipinos in Saudi Arabia. 

Though many OFWs went back home in the Philippines after the government helped them, some of them want to go back to the Middle East since they said they have no job opportunities in the country and they thought the future of their loved ones.

However, not only in Saudi Arabia, OFWs from Kuwait called the attention of Philippine government to stop sending household workers to Arab countries since they are the ones who constantly experience different types of abuse from their employers. 

Before election, President Duterte said that he plans to create a department for overseas Filipino workers who have concerns regarding their employment status and wants to establish a system of banks which expats could channel their remittances for free or with affordable cost.

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