Friday, October 3, 2014

Do You Agree With This Kind of Penalization For The Rapist?

By Alon Calinao Dy: In the Philippines, there are several rape victims every day and most of them are not being reported to the proper government agencies. Nonetheless, the blame is not to the government alone, but for those irresponsible people who watch pornography and used illegal drugs.

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The  most usual problem is that many Filipinos always have a change of heart when it comes to decision-making. If they desire a real change and harsh punishment for the criminals, so be it. If they want to bring back the death penalty, then support it.

I do think that life is precious and full of choices. I am not God to decide the destiny of one's life. On the benefits of many innocent people, I do believe that many criminals have no positions on earth, especially those who have multiple rape incidents and other heinous crimes.

A lot of people tell me that "No, it is only God who possesses the right to take one's life." I appreciate their input and respect their views. At God's point, it is likely a mortal sin to kill one's life. I have asked myself these questions so many times, do these criminals also think the value of life after they shoot down people? How many innocent lives could we save if we don't give criminals another opportunity to commit crimes?

Indeed, killing innocent life is a great sin. But if the sanctions could save more lives, then let's do it. If they are confirmed rapists, it is the people's right to ascertain the safety of their loved ones. Let's not watch and wait for another rape victim. Let's do something to prevent these criminal offenses.

The rape incidents in the Philippines are rapidly increasing because the authorized people who hold the power to impose the law are not doing anything about it. The government should stand steady to our justice system. If it is necessary to move back to the old ways of punishing somebody, then  make it happen to reduce the number of killings and rape victims. 

Let's say 'Barbaric Practices or Stone to Death.' I guess that would be OK to show criminals how serious the government is to ensure the security of innocent people.

After all, history repeats itself.