Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Poem: My Greatest Aunt

Photo from Juliet Dy Yulo's facebook

By Alon Calinao Dy: A tribute to all aunts in the world.

I'm so blessed... 
I've got an aunt like you 
Who is kind and always there 
Whenever I feel depressed 
And long for a real friend. 

Thank you for your infinite love
And for being with me all the time
The truth is, I feel sad 
'Cause you're far away to me now. 

You know how much I miss you, 
Care for you and love you. 
Although I'm sad, 
I never felt bad. 

Just as long as you're safe now, 
I'll be happy for you. 
I'm certain, 
God will guide you all the while 
And through the years to come 
For you are, a wonderful person. 

Even your newest friends in town 
Will stand tall, as they are all proud
To have found a priceless treasure 
And a true friend in their lives.

Although you miss your children,
Oh please, worry no more 
'Cause you've raised them well 
To become better people. 

For this, I can say that 
I'm your greatest fan 
And you're my greatest aunt. 

Happy birthday, Auntie Nene!
--Alon & Geng