Sunday, June 29, 2014

Saying Sorry Will Not Make You A Less Man

By Alon Calinao Dy: Most  of us know that man is not entirely showing his emotions to anyone. How many times did you hear your boyfriend, dad and brother saying I'm sorry? Does sorry always a big deal for them? Do you think they will feel less a man when they express this word?

Ladies, many men usually hide their real feelings. Sometimes if men want to say something, he often shows his emotions in actions. That is how men are being known for. I know not all people would agree to me, but it is true. Men do not want to hurt their egos. As long as it is possible, they want to preserve their high self-esteem. No doubt about it. They want to show everyone that they are strong when in fact a couple of times they need a company to remind them that they are displaying awful personalities in front of the crowd.

I am 30 years old this year. For me, it doesn't matter when I say sorry to my loved ones when I hurt their feelings. In my whole life, I never heard my father said this to me. Never. I am so sad about it. For all he knows, he did not carry out any mistakes to me and to my wife. Many times, I have forgiven him and tried to ignore everything. It is the pride of a person that let him not to do this. Because sometimes, parents think why would they say sorry for their children. Telling, I am their parent! Why would I? 

Yes, it is absolutely true that God had given them wonderful children. It is also fact that they have more authority than their kids. But I don't think saying sorry to your loved ones will make you a less man, as everyone commits mistakes.

Once again, I feel guilty about the wrong things I did in the past. To my father, I'm sure you'll get upset right now reading my article. I know I will cause you chest pain, but I want you to understand that I Love you. My wife already knew how much I truly respect you. I just hope for a healthy relationship between us. I wish you could do the same thing to my siblings. That's all I ask. Thank you.

Well, anyway, saying sorry is not a hard thing to do  if you really mean it. It won't make you a less  man. In fact, it will make you feel more human, showing you are wounded sometimes. So my brothers, lower your self-love, self-importance or whatever pride that still remains in you.