Saturday, July 19, 2014

My Second Visit To Our Lady of Manaoag

By Alon Calinao Dy: A lot of Filipino people pay a visit to Our Lady of Manaoag at the town of Manaoag in the province of Pangasinan, Philippines. Our Lady of Manaoag was also portrayed as Virgin Mary, the Mother of Jesus Christ, who had performed many miracles to thousands of Filipino devotees from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.

This is my prayer for all people in the world.

I pray to our Lord Jesus through our Lady of Manaoag that all nations will unite as one. No more wars. No more famines. No more deadly natural disasters. No more killings of innocent lives. I pray for those sick people, victims in crimes, abuse children, broken homes, poor and hungry people, failed examinees, rape survivors, and all people who need your help that they may be able to endure the pain in their hearts. Guide them, so that they may be able to surpass their challenges in life. Amen.

As far as I recall, this is actually my second visit in this sacred shrine. I can't say I am a devotee but I always believe in our Lord Jesus Christ. Other people misinterpret those devotees who visit this church, thinking that they worship the wrong God. Although this may be true for some, but most catholics know that Jesus Christ is the only one and true God. Catholic people have a huge respect for the saints; therefore, it does not mean we create new Gods. We simply thank them since we believe they are great examples of our faith in God. It is also right to commemorate them because they have devoted their entire lives serving God by serving God's people. That's how I understand my Catholic religion.