Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Islam is Peace

By Alon Calinao Dy: I am a Roman Catholic and many people have misconceptions about Islam. The true meaning of Islam is peace. It means to say that it does not kill innocent people, cause terror in the society, and hijack commercial airlines.

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Muslims who do such evil things are called extremists. They are considered as hypocrites, hijackers, infidels, and criminals. These are less educated Muslims who believe in Jihad or Holy War, an inhumane way to treat people that encourages its members to violence and bloodshed.

The Quran ultimately teaches law & order and submission to Allah. It does not mean that people should use coercion to persuade non-believers of Islam to convert to their religion. The true Islam condones criminality. Let me be clear about this, it does not support Islamic State of Iraq (ISIS) terrorists, a group of dangerous Jihadists, who kill and behead Christian children in Iraq.

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Muslims, Hindus, Jews, Christians, Buddhists, and other religions should respect one another since their faith always teaches them about love, forgiveness, and mercy. I strongly oppose people who destroy others just to claim that they are the only true religion and the only ones will be saved in contrast to Jehovah's witnesses that they have "The one true religion."

Speaking of religion, the truth is, people don't know the facts about world religions. Sometimes religious people are the most corrupt and common people do not see this way because they deeply honor and respect them. Sometimes religion is the cause of war and most conflict in the world. And sometimes our faith hides the truth to protect the interests of other people.

All I want to say is that people should apply the good things they have learned from their respective religion. People have no right to judge others based on their religious beliefs and practices. Indeed, judging people who do not believe in God or atheists is inappropriate. They should not be adjudged as evils by their disbelief of a supreme being. Because, sometimes, they are more willing to forgive, love, and respect others than other believers.

Let's end this violence and bloodshed, especially in Iraq, Israel, Palestine, and other chaotic countries in the world. Let's have peace and no more fighting.

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