Saturday, August 30, 2014

Mang Inasal

By Alon Calinao Dy: I have been to a lot of restaurants in the Philippines, but Mang Inasal is one of the best fast food chains in the country. What's unique about this restaurant is the way they cook their grilled chicken, which is also called Mang Inasal chicken. 

Mang Inasal chicken is a special cuisine that makes diners to go back for more. For only 135 Philippine Pesos when you order a PM2, you can eat your favorite grilled chicken with unlimited free rice and a refreshing coke. It is not surprising that many customers are satisfied after their meals, and why the restaurant has their most loyal guests ever.

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Aside from Mang Inasal chicken, I also love to eat the mouth-watering Ginataang Bilo-Bilo. I'm surprised they offer a list of delicious foods such as Pancit Bihon, Puto, Pork BBQ, Dinuguan, Pinoy Halu-Halu, Leche Flan, Bangus Inihaw, Bangus Sisig, etc.

I think these are the top three restaurants nationwide when it comes to chicken recipes: Max Restaurant (fried chicken joint), Mang Inasal (grilled chicken), and Yellow Cab (hot and spicy chicken wings).