Thursday, August 28, 2014

Online Class With Dr. James Green

By Alon Calinao Dy: Thank you, Dr. James Green of University of Maryland, who provided us a series of exciting lectures about Developing Innovative Ideas For New Companies: The First Step in Enterpreneurship.

I took this free online course for 6 weeks and I was so thankful for his commitment to help us learn new venture opportunities and on how to be a successful enterpreneur in the future. I hope to apply all those things I learned from this lecture.


"What Dr. James V. Green was probably trying to imply is that it would be very highly advantageous for a person starting young than a person starting at an older age because as we all know, there would be a lot of stress and responsibilities. But that never means that you cannot start late. If you'd see another scenario where you could have an idea and then work a job and save money, you could probably find your own start up like they say, ' Age is not just a number and being young is an attitude."

-- Muntasar Pocha

"I've watched all lecture videos from week 1. And I think, by far this is the best course I've had on coursera. 

I think someone can follow this course not necessarily to starp up business, but to gain knowledge and built creativity.

You can take this course for your self-improvement. Therefore, I'm sure we get many advantage in daily activities in the long run."

--  Okki Trinanda Miaz

Dr. James is one of the brilliant lecturers I've had. From week 1 to 6, he knew everything about all his discussion. I really admired the way he portrayed his ideas as every lecture appeared a vivid picture on my mind.

-- Alon Calinao Dy