Saturday, August 9, 2014

What Do Dreams Really Suggest?

By Alon Calinao Dy: Two nights ago, I had a wonderful dream about the fate of people many years from now. They will no longer buy any gasoline for their cars because electricity and gravitational force will be used by future inventors.

Almost all objects or things will soar into the sky through the use of element Helium like the one we usually put in flying balloon.  

According to my dream, great inventors discover how to lift heavy materials to the upper atmosphere. All human beings including other animals will be able to create a much greater oxygen through advanced technology. I just don't know exactly how every nation will make it through but more and more people will choose to stay in outer space where they can glimpse beautiful stars with different colors and shapes. 

Indeed, everyone will love their new habitat since there'll be no air pollution or traffic jam and people can have a quiet and peaceful life. Life will be amazing out there with no more corrupt governments. 

Although the surroundings will be filled with darkness, it doesn't mean it's evil. But still, there'll be so many stunning light displays that come from other planets.

A Different Dream

Last night, I had another dream about the mysterious lake. This reservoir had many evil secrets because every time there was a male swimmer in the area, it took the man's life and sinked him to the deep ocean floor where there was no escape. 

Most victims' families would presume that they all died from natural drownings, but they didn't. Their spirits were still alive and trapped in this unfathomable lake.