Saturday, September 20, 2014

Life is a journey and God is the guide

By Alon Calinao Dy: Life on earth is indeed a journey. Yesterday you might be doing tremendous things for others but tomorrow everyone is against you. People always remember you when you have done something wrong and not the good things you did in the past. If you feel low, always seek the Lord God with all your sorrowful heart.

Your days may be gloomy because of the people who annihilate you. Hold on, the Savior knows as He will send his holy men to protect you when you are weak by your own fears. 

The sun will rise again; those pains will be mended in time; those tears will turn into smiles. You will be happy again like a dawn. Now, calm your broken heart for you induce all the blessings from God.

Try to intend of the rising sun instead of a dark moon. Try to beam like a star even if you are surrounded by bad elements. You do it by choosing peace instead of war. The battle will be over soon because God is on your side.

Yes, my friend, everything is simply a beginning. You are not alone anymore. I mean we are not alone in this universe. Your time is not even over. You can do a lot of  wonderful things. Encourage your friends and enemies to do great things and trust to our Lord in heaven. 

My dear friend, all you have to do is to ensure your life is not wasted as you value your time. But remember, to thank all those people who appreciate you. And most importantly, those people who hate you. Just pray for them all.


I truly thank God for the knowledge He gave me. Amen.