Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Not All OFWs Are Cheaters

By Alon Calinao Dy: I am a proud Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW), a poetry lover, a blogger, an author, a sports writer, and a nurse by profession.

International Medical Center, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Due to high unemployment rates for Filipinos in the Philippines, especially for nurses, many workers tend to move out of the country for better opportunities. It is true that there are many competent Filipino workers, but they don't have chances to showcase their gifts and skills.

I recall after I graduated from college, I couldn't find a nursing job suitable for me even though I already passed the Philippine Nursing Licensure Exam and international exams in the US. 

Until today it has been vivid in my mind that I underwent a bunch of trainings to many tertiary hospitals and I was the one who paid for my trainings instead of them paying me for my services. But it was alright because at that time I really wanted to provide my services to my countrymen without expecting in return.

After I acquired almost three years of experience at the Fatima University Medical Center, I determined to work abroad because life became tough for me. Although my parents were very supportive and kind, I made bold decision for myself to go on my path.

Ever since I have been an independent soul, my parents knew about it, trained me when I was a high school student in the seminary. Besides, because I want to marry my long-time girlfriend, who is now my loving wife, need to prove to everyone that I could stand on my own.

Thus I worked first in Saudi Arabia, then found a much better opportunity in Kuwait while I am currently waiting for my immigrant application in the US.

I found out about the cheating issues when I was an expat four years ago. Men and women are alike; they are merely humans who feel the urge like wild beasts. But remember, humans are not savage animals who have just escaped the cage. They know right from wrong; therefore, it wholly depends upon them if they are going to cheat on their wives and husbands.

For about five years I worked in the Middle East, particularly in Saudi and Kuwait, I encountered some bad men and women who are unfaithful to their loved ones. I don't know if they are only looking for fun and "Love and belonginess" by Maslow's Hierarchy.

Perhaps, they are simply at the developmental stage. I'm not certain. Or possibly, they need intimacy, which is the sixth stage of Erik Erikson's theory of psychosocial development that usually takes place between the ages of 19 and 40. Whatever the reason is, cheating is cheating. It is like stealing a small or large amount of money. The act itself is still stealing. 

Nevertheless, I would like to clear everything that not all OFWs are cheaters. I recognize they may feel lonely, homesick, ignored, unhappy, bored, thirst for love, but they can still think right for themselves. They still conduct good values they have learned from their own parents and respective schools. Overall, they hold a great fear towards God.

I detest people who think negative things. I don't know if these are their strategies to separate happy families. Beware of these sort of people. I just want to protect the poor families because not all they read or hear are true. They should fold their ears to some unreliable sources. I strongly encourage them to endure and trust their OFW families because they really need it.

And for those greedy, lying bastards and deceivers, get lost!

Certainly, male OFWs can have many adoring women. But the truth is, they are simply insecure. Their self -esteem is often extremely low. That is why they look for love and other lovers who fill those cracks. They look for sexy and beautiful adult females; they are dimmed by their sex drive. But what they don't have is the right thinking or judgement. 

And for those women who screw their husbands, wait, I think they are crazy and jerks!

A piece of advice: if sex is not enough for you, then you have applied whores. Sex is not important than love, although they are equally indispensable. When people grow old, they often don't need sex, but a companion who would love them till the end. A true love is difficult to find nowadays, especially if people don't deserve it. 

I don't desire to be rude or hurt anyone. I just want to be true to everyone. I have great concern for their families, as much as possible, they should stick together and defend one another.

Filipino Migrant Writers' Society in Kuwait

Some people can cook up stories to destroy some families, but if the foundation of every family is solid, no one can break them. But if it is like a rotten wood, then everything will turn into slices. 

As temptations are everywhere, people should not forget their real purpose why they work overseas, and that is, to support financially the basic needs of their kins. And most importantly, to express how much they love them in the extent to give their own happiness for them.

Moreover, for those people who have zilch to do with their life, but create only gossips, I pity them!

I need only one thing, please refrain doing undesirable deed towards others. These people are not public figures or celebrities who appear on the tv screens.  These are actual people who have families who depend upon them. These are real heroes who work long hours each day, even though they have demanding employers who always see their every mistake. 

They are OFWs who make sacrifices and left their own families in hopes that they would be able to give a shiny future for their loved ones. 

Yes, they are the ones who battle for homesickness, but then other people belittle, abuse, and defraud them with their twisted lies. 

They are true heroes, but most people don't appreciate everything they do for their family and country; consequently, they have been labeled as cheaters, pretenders, and other hurtful names.