Saturday, October 11, 2014

Melrose Galindo Togonon

By Alon Calinao Dy: A staff nurse at International Medical Center, Melrose Galindo Togonon has been the most generous and gifted individual, who has natural abilities to attend all the needs of her patients. She began to experience her amazing skills when she worked with a lot of  different people in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Facebook Photo of  Melrose Galindo Togonon

I had worked with her years ago and I started to consider that this person as an absolute great colleague, friend, and leader. The work in the hospital, which I thought a complicated job for a nurse to perform, was easier for her because the passion was always present in her heart. I remember how she guided and helped me through when I was still a newbie. She was someone I could always depend upon in all the assignments. 

I couldn't believe that I met these wonderful people as Melrose, Lydia, Noraina, and others, who would  help me become a more honest person today. I was so grateful to work with this sort of people, and sincere words of gratitude from my heart was not enough to thank them. Now If I see them happy on the internet, I'm also glad for them.  

Thank You, Melrose!