Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Our World is Constantly Changing: What Can You Do To Make it Better?

By Alon Calinao Dy: Our world gives up. We have done so many hostile things to destroy it. It is constantly changing that needs time to heal from illegal human activities. Greediness is a result of devastation on earth. Some people think about their own personal interests rather than the future of the next generation. 

Our world is suffering. That is why it releases negative emotions through the course of natural calamities such as  fire, earthquake, typhoon, hurricane, and flood in order not to burst with anger that is deadlier.

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Imagine: Living a life in Outer Space

Have you ever wondered living in another space?
Have you traveled farthest place in the universe?
Have you dreamed of a splendid place to live,
Where justice is served for all?

No consumption of energy or oil,
No terrorism,
No consumerism,
No nuclear proliferation,
No water, soil and air pollution,
No abuse of power,
No scarcity of water,
No malnutrition and hunger,
No discrimination of colors,
No natural disasters,
No global warming,
No deforestation and illegal logging,
No human and drug trafficking,
No waste and disposal issues,
No corrupt officials and taxes,
No rich and poor people,
No wars, but peace,
No destruction of wildlife habitats,
No violation of human rights,
No sickness and death,
No population overgrowth...

Imagine if life is perfect in outer space,
What would you do with all your powers and gifts?
Would you still care for the Mother Earth,
And live a normal life that suffers death?
Would you still think that God exists,

If you know you are a living God?

-- Alon Calinao Dy, read more at ibuzzle.com

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