Tuesday, November 18, 2014

How To Look Like a Cute Girl

By Alon Calinao Dy: Being a cute girl is not inborn, but it comes naturally for you. I have seen a pile of beautiful women, but they are not cute. Being beautiful is totally different from being cute. Do you all agree with me? I know some of you won't agree with everything I say. That's OK.

Photo credit: Litalen Pajah

I tell you, women who are cute are not beautiful and vice versa. Guys tend to attract and love more cute women than beautiful ones. Being beautiful is something common nowadays. Wherever you go, in the shopping centers, restaurants, and many places, there are lots of them.

Cuteness is simply amazing and is something that you can't forget so easily. To impress a guy, it is not performed through any tricks of beautiful makeup. You just have to be yourself, as I said, it comes out naturally.

If I were you, stick to the natural God-given beauty. But it does not imply you won't clean yourself up. Of course, I like to see a woman who has minimal makeup and smiled a lot. It is the way to bring home the bacon and melt a guy's heart.

Stay cute at all times! 

It is alright to feel shy to your opposite sex. To have more confidence, is not something that takes place overnight. Cuteness are usually characterized by self confidence and being exceptional. Also, try to be yourself and don't imitate other people. Your beauty is one of a kind. Unleash the cuteness! It is already there, within you.