Saturday, November 29, 2014

The Reasons Why I Am Proud To Be Pinoy

By Alon Calinao Dy: I heard many beautiful songs that make us proud to be a Filipino. A list of Makabayan songs includes: Tayo’y Mga Pinoy by Heber Bartolome, Ako Ay Pilipino by Kuh Ledesma, Mga Kababayan Ko by Francis Magalon, and of course our very own Para Sa'yo Ang Laban 'to by Manny Pacquiao.

I am proud to be a Filipino because...

I have a family


Photo courtesy: Rainier Calinao

And friends.

There are so many things that make me proud as a Filipino. I believe having a loving and caring family makes a better Filipino that is very respectful to other people since most Filipinos love all races of people.

I hand you 10 reasons why I'm proud to be Pinoy:

1.) Filipino is smart in the sense that he knows how to appreciate the outstanding feats of others rather than being jealous.

2.) Filipino is hard working for the family he cares so much. It's absolutely true. He doesn't complain any type of works just as long as he can nurture the needs of his family in the Philippines.

3.) Filipinos are loving people who always protect their loved ones. To sacrifice your own happiness is one of the greatest love I've ever witnessed to every OFW who works hard for their family.

4.) The Filipino has superb abilities and skills that are in demand overseas. No wonder why employers love to work with them. 

5.) Filipino does not discriminate against either the skin color or sexual orientation of the masses.

6.) As I said, Filipinos are respectful. We often use polite words like "Po" and  "Opo." Except some parts in Visayas and Mindanao, but it does not entail that they don't have respect. I think tradition and culture play a significant part in this.

7.) Filipinos are generally friendly and happy people. As much as possible, they avoid troubles and spend most of their time with their family, relatives, and friends who make them happy.

8.) Filipinos are brave people. What happened to Yolanda survivors is one good example. They don't easily give up despite the fact that they have lost their houses, valuable things, and loved ones in one of the strongest typhoons of the world.

9.) Filipino people are family oriented. They have a genuine and deep love for their family, parents, and elders. They accept full responsibility and serious care of their loved ones when they get old until the end of their time.

10.) Filipinos have different, rich, and awesome cultures that we should be proud of. Despite we became captives of our own nation by Spaniards, Americans, and Japanese, we showed them that we were so stiff, tough, and true warriors like Rajah Lapu-lapu of Mactan.

My all-time favorite song is Pinoy Ako by Orange and Lemons and a theme song of ABS-CBN's Show Pinoy Big Brother.