Monday, November 10, 2014

No Dirty Mind and Just The Positive Mind Can Relate

By Alon Calinao Dy: There are no dirty pics, only dirty minds. You can't control what people think and say. It is like... No matter what you do, you cannot please everyone.

The three pigs

Have you seen carrots like these?

Magnificent trees are tied into each other

These images are all over the internet and actually grab the attention of many netizens. They seem dirty, but they are actually not explicit materials or porn. In some cases, it is all in the mind.

This individual holds a computer mouse

These teens pose for a photograph shoot

I know it is crazy, but these are harmless pictures that only positive minds can connect. I've learned about the power of positive thinking. Sadly, not everyone realizes the true worth of it. In the real world, people need positive thoughts to create real value in life and experience happiness.

There is no doubt that positive people can perform better on their work, life, family, and school than negative ones. Negative thoughts do harm to your brain since it gives you negative emotions or unknown fears.

Have you ever wondered why you can't remember everything when you are in a real fight? Simply because, you can't focus and anger clouds your judgement as it concentrates entirely on your opponent. Negative thoughts or emotions mask us from our true selves.

It's so yummy if you have a dish like this

Check for any cold sores  inside and around the mouth

Get rid of your negative thinking, stress, fear, etc., because all these are so destructive. Don't let garbages stay in your brain. Remember, you are a marvelous person and act like a better one. Do something positive every day.