Sunday, November 23, 2014

Time To Share #MerrySMChristmas

By Alon Calinao Dy: All my life I have been searching what is really the substance of Christmas for me. When I was young, love came down at Christmas as I watched bright stars in the sky. I could not deny the delight I felt during this season of love.

True happiness is having a loving and caring family

It is still fresh in my mind until now how my parents filled me with laughter and joy in my heart every time they shopped at SM North Edsa to purchase some of my favorite toys. I have learned that Christmas gifts are important, but the power of love within our family is even more essential and magical.

At this moment of time, I really miss my siblings and parents who currently live in the United States. I always recalled the past holidays when we were together celebrating the Christmas Season with wonder and joy. The decking up Christmas tree with my cousins, singing Christmas carols with some friends, waiting for Santa Claus to visit us with surprise gifts, attending to mass on Christmas Eve, lighting fireworks in parking lots, and gathering together to eat a variety of delicious food-- all these events I yearned during the Christmastide.

To further apply the meaning of Christmas, I created this wonderful poem entitled Christmas Season for all people who want to know the true significance of this Yuletide Season.

Christmas is a time of sharing,
A time to heal the wounds 
A time to forgive our enemies, 
And a time for a new beginning. 

Christmas is when the whole world 
Celebrates the birth of our Lord. 
This is a time when we find true happiness 
In our hearts, minds and souls. 

Christmas is always a special holiday 
For every Christian in any parts of the world. 
It's the time to give thanks  to God Almighty 
For the blessings that we've received. 

It's a time of joy, 
A time for everyone to enjoy, 
A time to rejoice God's presence 
In the most difficult situations of our life. 
-- Alon Calinao Dy

Indeed, Christmas is all about sharing what we have, giving hope to helpless people, and loving one another. Spread the real message of Christmas.

Photo credit: SM Cares

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