Saturday, January 24, 2015

Do You Love Jesus Christ?

By Alon Calinao Dy: One of the greatest love in the world is the love of Jesus for all of us. I recall during my seminary days in high school, I always asked Jesus: why he died for us? I talked to Him as if he was beside me and my trusted ally. There were times I felt really sad, but he was the one whom I told everything about my troubles in life.

A lot of times I felt his mercy and power because numerous times he'd relieved me from the people who tried to belittle me. The passion of Jesus for me and for all of us is real if we only know how to beg for it. His unselfish love is for everyone who demands it, especially for the people who have no love in the Lord.

I admit loving Jesus is the greatest thing that I ever performed in my entire life. It is not about all the achievements I have achieved in my life, but it is when the moment my heart belongs to our Lord Jesus. All these things won't give me true peace and happiness in my spirit. I owe everything I own, everything I am, to God.

Though many times we live through hard trials, God has always been there for us. I felt the most painful one when my wife suffered a miscarriage on December 2014, but I trusted the Lord and did not question Him. 

I waited the right time that God would grant me a child but my angel passed away. It is very hard to accept the reality but I believe God has a better plan for a couple like us. It is just that we need to have more faith in him. Though we feel the pain, we need to love Him more.

The love of Christ is eternal. I must confess I made mistakes and faulty decisions in life.  In other words, I am a sinner. But the love of Jesus has taught me to be compassionate to other people. He taught me that in order to love Him I must love my brothers and sisters, especially those who do not recognize Him.

I love you so much, my Lord Jesus...