Saturday, January 10, 2015

Whose Restaurant Cooks The Best Chicken: Jollibee or Mang Inasal?

By Alon Calinao Dy: Filipinos love a ton of different styles of fried chicken and barbecued chicken, but giant fast food companies like Jollibee and Mang Inasal, have captivated the hearts of many diners in the Philippines.

At first glance, a bucket of chicken joy which is Jollibee's brand, is crispy and great food for kids. In fact, most children love chicken joy since they are entertained with the Jollibee mascot, especially if the mascot is dancing and giving toys to them.

Despite the dominance of the Jollibee brand over the years, Mang Inasal has achieved a sudden increase number of customers and those who are loyal to their healthy and scrumptious chicken. Indeed, the grilled chicken which is Mang Inasal's brand, can either be good or bad for you.

The char that you get from a well-grilled chicken is not particularly good for you, especially if you do not remove the skin before cooking or eating because when fat, such as skin exposed to a high level of heat it can lead to more carcinogen production during cooking. Thus, it is better to trim out the skin of the chicken to become healthy and safe.

On the other hand, grilled chicken is healthy since it uses a low-fat cooking method, specially when it is marinated properly as it avoids high sodium and calorie content. 
And when it comes to Jollibee, just like Mang Inasal, the word skin is harmful and not a healthy part of the chicken particularly if you are having a hypertension condition.

The question is, whose restaurant cooks the best chicken in the Philippines? As of this moment, I think it is none other but  Mang Inasal Restaurant.