Thursday, January 15, 2015

Why Do Filipino Viewers Love To Watch Two Wives?

By Alon Calinao Dy: A  current popular Philippine television series, Two Wives, originally based and filmed in South Korea in 2009. The primary characters are  South Korean artists Kim Ji-young as Yoon Young-hee, Son Tae-young as Han Ji-sook, Kim Ho-jin as Kang Chul-soo, and Kang Ji-sub as Song Ji-ho.

In the Philippines, Two Wives, aired on ABS-CBN television network, has touched the lives of so many married people. The four main characters are Kaye Abad, Patrick Garcia, Erich Gonzalez, and Jason Abalos. These Filipino artists want to demonstrate on the complexity of counting stable marriages.

Cheating in a romantic relationship is a primary concern of every couple. It is most often men are caught cheating on their spouses. But nowadays, an increasing number of women cheating on their partners are really alarming.

Cheating in a romantic relationship has many reasons. It can be for sexual pleasures, money, unsatisfied sexual intercourse, power, loneliness, and many other matters. But whatever the cause, betrayal in any sort of relationship is very painful as it can break the hearts of the people who are deeply in love with their partners.

There is no best relationship advice on cheating spouses. An open and honest communication with your partners is the best direction to start a healthy relationship. Also, in regards to this popular drama series entitled Two Wives, many Filipinos can relate to the story. Possibly, this is one of the reasons why they love to watch this Philippine television series every night of the weekdays.