Tuesday, February 10, 2015

FHM Model Alyzza Agustin Offends Nurses In The World

By Alon Calinao Dy: Alyzza Agustin posted sexy nurse photos in FHM Magazine (a popular Men's Magazine in the Philippines) that created many reactions to a lot of nurses around the world, especially to a large number of Filipino nurse viewers. The nursing profession is one of the most trusted and noble professions in the world.
Photo credit: FHM

The cap of a nurse plays an important part for all nurses as it is the badge of the nursing profession. It shows the beauty and self-respect. But when an FHM model Alyzza posted daring nurse photos, a lot of nurses reacted since she did not show any dignity. When you wear a nurse uniform with a cap, it means you are ready to help the sick. It is not for a sexy magazine like FHM as other nurses would say.

Although the naked photo of Alyzza Agustin, just wearing a nurse cap for FHM magazine garnered thousands of views and likes in social media networks, some social media users have felt ashamed for what she did. They said "it is not the way to make yourself popular." 

This is not the only issue wherein nurses become sensitive about their profession. Cynthia Villar angered thousands of Filipino nurses when she commented "Kasi itong mga nurses, gusto lang nilang maging room nurse” back in 2013.

Of course after the rude remark, many Filipino nurses around the globe demanded her public apology. Mr. Alon Dy, an experienced nurse, defended the nursing profession and said that "nurses are angels of the sick, not just room nurses." As long as nurses work hard for the immediate recoveries of their patients, people should show some marks of respect according to several nurses who voiced out their concerns on Faceboook.