Thursday, March 26, 2015

Can VP Jejomar Binay Follow The Footsteps of Lee Yuan Yew of Singapore?

By Alon Calinao Dy: Singapore's Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew is a leader with an iron fist who makes the country as one of the most productive nations  in the world. He built a nation that almost all Singaporeans are proud of.

On the other hand, Vice President  Binay believes that he can be the next Lee Kuan Yew. He can make the Philippines as one of the fastest growing countries in the world if ever he becomes the next president in 2016. 

Jejomar Binay knows that every Filipino has a financial burden when it comes to hospitalization. Like Makati, he will make it free for all Filipinos and thus, nobody is afraid to consult a physician having an ailment.

I don't think he can be a leader with an iron fist. Lee Kuan Yew was a father figure for all Singaporeans but at the same time a disciplinarian who always followed the rules. To become a great leader of this country, you need to punish your friends and family that do not abide by the rules and regulations.

The world remembers Mr. Lee Kuan Yew not because he is rude to his people, but because he wants his land to have peace and order. The late Singaporean leader proves to everyone that a nation who has nothing can have something and so much more.

We know that the late prime minister is a man of action. His words and ambitions for Singapore become reality. I don't want our politicians to give us promises, but I demand that they should prove something that would make every Filipino happy. 

There is only one Lee Kuan Yew in the world. I would never see another leader like him. If Mr. Binay wants to prove something that he can make an incredible economic growth for the Philippines, just do it. After all,  a great legacy of the leader is more important than making yourself as the richest politician in the country.