Sunday, May 10, 2015

Smile Again

By Alon Calinao Dy: Mother's day only comes about every year. The love of a mother is something, and sometimes children cannot fully understand except when they become parents themselves. You might forget your mom, but your mother is always there for you. You can possess all the things you have in life, but your mom is still proud and happy for you even though she has nothing left in the world. You want to know why? Because a mother's happiness, is giving birth to you. Happy Mother's Day! 

Special thanks to Auntie Dayday for taking good care of Nanay Soling, mahirap mag-alaga ng may edad na.

My Grandma Soledad Agoy -Agoy Calinao

Smile Again

Smile to break the silence,
Smile to make a big difference,
Smile to change my world, your world,
And the whole wide world.

Smile to bring out the fears,
Smile to stop the tears,
Smile to hide the pain,
Smile again and again.

Smile to impress,
Smile to relieve stress,
Smile to each other,
Smile to feel better.

Smile to show your brilliant smile,
Smile to spread your infectious smile,
Smile to all people around you,
Smile so that others will smile, too.

Smile to your problems,
Smile to your low incomes,
Smile to build self-confidence,
Smile to feel God's presence.

This poem is dedicated to all mothers in the world. You may also find my poem at the iBuzzle. Thanks for reading my poem and I hope we should always love our beloved moms and appreciate what they did for us. Let's give credit for their sacrifices and also say thank you to your father who is there to support your mom and siblings.