Saturday, May 2, 2015

The Fight Analysis Between The Nervous Mayweather And The Underdog Pacquiao

By Alon Calinao Dy: I just can't believe this fight is happening on May 2 at the MGM Gand Arena in Las Vegas, USA. It is hard to predict who will be the winner, but there is something strange about the looks of  Floyd Mayweather Jr. He knows this is something different from his previous fights even though his uncle Roger and father Sr. told the fans that this is one of the ordinary boxing matches Floyd will be performing tomorrow.

Many boxers and boxing analysts are rooting for Mayweather as they think Mayweather is a genius in boxing, and Pacquiao is the underdog of this "fight of the century" because  he had been knocked out by Marquez. I think Juan Manuel Marquez is a real hater of Manny Pacquiao and till today he wants to boost his knockout victory over Pacquiao.

Talking with the same styles of Marquez and Mayweather, I do believe this is the reason why Marquez picks Mayweather to win the bout a few hours from now. Marquez always underestimates Pacquiao from the very start. He has disrespected the man whom he thought he was cheated during their three meetings. But I tell you his prediction is biased.

Of course, my fight analysis is that Pacquiao has a great opportunity to win this biggest and richest competition in boxing history. I am not saying that Mayweather has no chance winning the fight. He has, but Pacquiao is going to defeat him. Am I sure about this? I think so.

Critics say that Pacquiao is going to miss a lot of punches and that Mayweather is a lot better than Pacquiao. I don't think it is. Pacquiao is faster than Mayweather and has a potent punch than the unbeaten American boxer. If one of these deadly shots will land to the chin of Mayweather, then Mayweather as usual will go to his shoulder roll defense and run backward.

Critics as well say that Pacquiao is a reckless fighter and even Floyd himself said that numerous times during the press conference. Pacquiao's aggression is his offense and defense. Pacquiao has a big heart and his relentless pressure will surely give Mayweather his first defeat, an undefeated pugilist who considered himself a better boxer than Muhammad Ali, disrespecting the legacy of the "Great Ali."

Pacquiao is the underdog of this mega bout, but whatever you hear or read from the boxing sites and analysts  ― don't listen to them. The reality is that the Filipino boxing pride has the edge in terms of power, speed, ring IQ, stamina, heart, and many more. I just hope the ringside judges and the referee should do their job right and be fair at all times.