Thursday, June 18, 2015

No More Slow Internet Connection With This #PHCompetitionAct Campaign

By Alon Calinao Dy: The start of the year is not perfect for me. Apart from the various problems in the Philippines, I've got to think a lot about my internet connection. Both Smart and Globe are classified under “poor coverage and slow," and I have to ring customer agents several times a day, informing them a poor network connectivity. 

I often have to go outside the house just to search for a signal. Last week, I still couldn't make a sufficient network signal even when I went outside of the house. I usually pay the Smart Communications around 600 to 1000 pesos per month, but I suffer a bad service experience. As what Senator Bam Aquino said, “we need more players in our markets, so that the quality of products and services increases, and prices of goods would then go down.” 

When I was working in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait as a nurse, the speed of internet connection was very fast, and the price there and here was almost the same. I could download many online games and watch my favorite movies for a few hours, as a way to handle and relieve my boredom.

Good news, Senator Bam Aquino and his team pushed through the Philippine Competition Bill that will eliminate monopolies, cartels, and unfair business practices. This means that Filipino consumers have now the power to choose, and many big telecom companies are going to invest in the Philippines that would guarantee cheap and fast internet connection for the users.

Aside from potential foreign investors, this will continue to create more jobs for the Filipinos. In addition, this Philippine Competition Bill  by the good senator, protects large and small businesses, especially our local farmers who work hard for their families. Under this proposed law, "if enacted into law, the measure will create a level playing field, whether big or small, when it comes to market opportunities,” Sen. Bam stressed.

“Panalo ang taumbayan dahil sa pagpasa ng panukalang ito,” Sen. Bam emphasized. This is absolutely true. It will surely benefit all consumers when this ratified bill is put into a new law. Expect a fair competition in the market and a high speed internet connection in the coming months. 

Thanks to this #PHCompetitionAct campaign.