Thursday, July 30, 2015

The Extraordinary Love Of Doggie and Cathie

By Alon Calinao Dy : It is surprising to see an incredible bond between Doggie and Cathie. Who would have thought that they are best friends in real life?

Cathie was homeless and the parents left after birth. Since then, Cathie considered Doggie as a new found parent, and the dog also treated the dog-loving cat well like a daughter.

Every time I fed them, I saw them kissing, playing, and hugging like a true family. I wanted to make a good video seeing their sweet bond, but I could not find a perfect timing. Because every time I opened my cam recorder, it seemed they were aware that they were being recorded. I guess their sense of awareness is better than human beings. 

Dog and cat, though people expect them to be natural enemies, have shown us extraordinary love. This video just shows that love can do anything when it is real in your heart. Yes, it is priceless and is beyond words.

In real life, there are like Doggie and Cathie. I like their good side, but I hate their negative characteristics. There are people who are nice in front of you, but like the dark side of Doggie, bark at your back when you are gone. I think that's a trait that everyone does not really like. 

For Cathie, there are other people who seem so sweet and nice when you talk to them. They will shake your hand and offer you help, but their sweetness and kindness is to fool someone into believing something that is not true. 

Let's not forget about the true acts of kindness between Doggie and Cathie. Though they were different from each other, they learned how to communicate well — showing us that love can happen to anyone and has no boundaries. That real love truly exists...