Sunday, November 1, 2015

Remembering Yolanda Victims

By Alon Calinao Dy: Remembering Yolanda victims was so painful for all of us, especially for those survivors who every now and then remember the agonizing experience.

Let's not forget what happened there as it taught us how resilient Filipinos can be in times of disastrous event like this.

Many died on November 8, 2013 but their spirits and memories will forever live in our hearts and minds.

Many lives had been shattered yet our prayers would help them, getting back to their normal life. Of course, the suffering was always there.

Remembering Yolanda "Haiyan" victims was a nightmare that should not have happened for us. This was the scariest typhoon I've ever seen in the Philippines,  killing thousands of people instantly. As I've always said God only knows.

Remembering Yolanda victims turned my heart into pieces while I was in Kuwait, working as a nurse in Ministry of Health. I wanted to volunteer and help the victims but I couldn't.  And so, I prayed that may all their souls resting peacefully with our Almighty God.