Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Dark Christmas For People in Catarman

By Alon Calinao Dy: People, who have suffered from the devastation of Typhoon Nona, have dark Christmas. It's sad as they have lost their homes and properties last Wednesday. Nobody thought that this would happen to them, leaving them without shelters and food as some of them would spend their holiday season in the evacuation centers. 

Relatives who lived outside of Northern Samar were worried since power and communications were down, as you could see in the photo below the downed power lines, disrupting the availability of these services.

According to the latest report in the social media, eleven people died and many people were hurt during the disaster. I'm sure those people, who live near the oceans, are the ones who experienced with life-and-death situations.

The deadly strike of a powerful Nona had left many homeless people with no food and water. Family members across the country pleaded the National Government to send rescue and relief operations for the victims.

So far, Western and Eastern Samar were not really affected by Typhoon Nona according to the report. Although heavy rain and strong wind entered these areas, there were no report of casualties. Power and communication lines have been restored in most areas of Samar except Northern Samar, which was severely damaged by the onslaught.