Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Do You Want Manny Pacquiao To Be With Duterte's Party?

By Alon Calinao Dy: The Filipino people admired the courage of the eight-division world champion, Manny Pacquiao, when it comes in the boxing arena and for his soft heart to the poor.

One of the reasons why some Pacquiao's boxing fans are sad because until now Pacquiao has no final decision who is the running president he is going to support in the coming election.

Last December 8, rally continued to support Mayor Rodrigo Duterte as a presidential candidate next year. It seemed another People Power in the Intramuros and the people's determination and their numbers are evidence that our country needs a real change in the way we handle today's causes of crime and corruption.

More and more Filipino people are saying that boxing champ Manny Pacquiao should take a sworn oath supporting his fellow Mindanaoan. In fact, the boxing icon already witnessed the good governance of the said mayor. But how, if Pacquiao, is still undecided who he's going to endorse in the coming election.

Now let me offer some thoughts that without influencial people, we can decide for our own and and for the future of our country. I recently read in the newspaper that in order to get the majority votes of people, you need these well-known artists. What the heck!

Everywhere I go, I have heard the talk of the people that this artist supported Mar Roxas for president as he tweeted that his vote on May Election will be for him. So what? The people should exercise their suffrage, which means their freedom to vote should not be bought by anyone who is under any political parties.

From a straight point of view, it is important to choose a leader who is willing to do everything for the people and for his country. Duterte has an outstanding record for being a great leader. I don't know where we're going if Filipinos choose a corrupt leader over and over again. 

Duterte and Pacquiao are great people who have huge followings wherever they go. I respect them as much as people respect them. The call of many Filipinos who admired Pacquiao from his greatness in boxing should be heard by our People's Champ himself. Why? Because a lot of Filipinos still believe that our country needs a strong and honest leader. The one who is able to combat crime and corruption in the Phillippines.

Even those of you do not accept the fact that our country needs to reimpose the death penalty because of an increase number of criminals, many felt that it is time for our government and church to have separate laws. Although we value life, those lawbreakers do not give importance the essence of life.

I invite Manny Pacquiao, my all-time favorite boxer, to support Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte on his way to the Palace. Imagine if we join together in this battle, we'll be able to achieve what we all want for the good of our country.

I am delighted to know that many Filipinos clamour for a real change, especially those OFWs who can see the big difference between our nation and other developed countries. Thank God at least we have a candidate whose years of experience in the government will bring justice about the suppression of rights and the abuse of dignity if you come from a poor family.

Pacquiao came from a poor family before he became the richest athlete in the Philippines. His story alone will teach us all that the battle of poverty is not yet over. If we vote corrupt leaders, what will happen to our beloved country? What will happen to the future of our children? Obviously, in my opinion, Pacquiao has felt that his support will go to Duterte who has a better plan for us all.

But even without the influence of Pacquiao, Filipinos cry for a real change. The problem is vote buying. Tayo ang problema. We continue to accept money from dirty politicians. I ask the religious leaders to join me to bring awareness to the people that the money they get from these crooks will be used against them. These gifts are temporary and it is they who are in trouble if the report of corruption happens in their respective places.

Instead priests or other religious leaders criticize Mayor Duterte, why not check their own backyards? I am sure Christ taught us for not being judgemental toward others. Not only in the government, crime and corruption still happen in many churches and other religious congregations. Where is the justice here? But I still believe that there are many good people and religious leaders who are honest to their religious faith.

I like to think that Filipinos are wise voters now. Also, the mission of the incoming election is to have a honest voting. Voters do not want to hear another Hello Garci scandal conversation. This should be the last time that we doubt the reliability of our PCOS machines. Cheating should not be allowed in any means. That is the reason why, over the past years, many political conflicts were not settled because cheaters used their influence and power to deceive others.