Thursday, December 24, 2015

Dr. Eulogio Condeza on Fire

By Alon Calinao Dy: Many patients seek Dr. Condeza for consulation as he is one of the most kind-hearted people on earth I ever know. He always considers every patient as his family member. That's the reason why everyone loves him. 

I've worked in different countries as a staff nurse and got an idea on how to deal with doctors who have various attitudes towards their patient and co-worker. Dr. Condeza, who is so nice, always gives money to the poor when they've nothing left for their medications.

Some people do not understand why Dr. Condeza only prescribes branded medicines for his patients. The main reason for this is that he wants to ensure their speed recovery and that patient takes quality medicines only, even though the price is a bit expensive than generic ones.

I remember one time when we have a patient who has diabetic, hypertension, and high cholesterol, and all he wanted was to thoroughly check that patient by doing what we called HYPERTENSION PANEL, which determines patient's blood glucose, heart rythm, cholesterol level, and many more. Sadly, that patient had rejected his advice for not having enough money. At that moment, I could see the sadness through his eyes.

I believe that Dr. E. Condeza is one of the best doctors in the world because he spends time listening to patient's complaints, as he helps each one of them the best that he can. He is the best surgeon who knows every detail of human anatomy. His broad experience alone, would tell you why many people always look for him because he is very effective and efficient physician. In short, he's so loved by so many people in Samar.

It's so sad to know that some people abuse his kindness. Some ask money through solicitation letter. I know there's nothing wrong to help people, but others do this for personal purpose only. I know Dr. Condeza can't say no to any request as he always said yes too many times. It's so sad because people don't know how hard it is for him to earn that money. People don't realize that he too has financial burden supporting his children and other family members.

Dr. Condeza has dedicated his life to all people in Samar who need his help. Many people love him to these days. His best legacy is to help the sick and see to it that they receive the best treatment as possible.

For consultation, you can find Dr. EULOGIO CONDEZA at the Condeza Medical & Maternity Clinic (accredited by Department of Health and Philhealth) in Maharlika Highway, Brgy. Ngoso, Gandara, Western, Samar. Monday - Sunday from 9am-5pm.