Friday, February 12, 2016

Gandareños Have Shouted "No To Exploration Mining in Samar"

By Alon Calinao Dy: Residents of Gandara, Western Samar, protested about the ongoing mining activities in Brgy. Gerali in their beloved town since the impact of these operations will certainly affect the livelihoods of the people and nearby communities.

On Feb 10, 2016,  a lot of concerned citizens came in Gandara Auditorium to express their views, opinions, and strong objections about these mining activities as they have shouted out their No's to any mining operations within the areas of Gandara, or in many different regions of Samar.

Mrs. Cherry dela Cruz Cobarrubias , speaking in front of different groups of people from different sectors in the LGUs and involving religious leaders, felt disrespected because a lot of money have already been spent with these activities and Gandarenos have been very vocal in their opposition to mining operations.

The impact of mining industry has been cited here -- No To Exploration Mining. I believe there's no other reason behind these operations but the destruction of our natural resources, destroying communities.
One can have a lot of cash temporarily, but in the end without the richness in biodiversity, when nothing is left you cannot eat the money you have.

Locals of Gandara have gathered together yesterday to show their unity and big dismay to those people who are responsible for these mining operations as they believed that their water supply, wildlife habitats, and livelihoods will definitely be affected. 

For now, many people are vigilant in recognizing the real threats in their environment. Let's not forget what happened in Tacloban City that thousands of people died because of natural disaster known typhoon Yolanda a few years ago.

Let this be a reminder for all of us not only for Samarenos that our natural resources provide us a strong protection against typhoons and storms. Let us do it here... Think of generations to come. Think the brighter side of life. 

Let this be a reminder...