Thursday, February 25, 2016

The Influence of A Strong Family Bond

By Alon Calinao Dy: Having a strong family bond is important for every person to have a moral support when one is experiencing a certain problem. It is impossible to exist in this world without close people who could be there for you in times of hardship. 

Photo of Aobhie B. Dy, Gre Pearl Gay B. Dy, and Alon Dy

Every growing child needs an emotional support from parents and relatives. These strong bonds we have for our loved ones remind us that these people believe in us and expecting that we could become good influences for others. 

I strongly believe that the strongest influence for every person comes from a family itself. I know every person will develop different kinds of relationships in their entire life, but having a strong family bond that continues to mold one's personality to become a better person saves the life of a person for many reasons.

A family, who constantly helps a member remember that education is very important, is doing a good job raising that person. When we parents taught children everything we know in life, it is up for them to use the right kind of training they have learned from us. Sometimes, one can't change a child's inherent nature, but we can be a catalyst for change in order for them to become good and honest people.

Unfortunately, not all families are good influences to their children, and children don't have a choice to be born with that kind of imperfect families. Despite of this, a person has a choice of which path one is going to take, whether it is good or evil. The possible course of action comes from the children not from the parents alone. You have lots of chances to be good. So don't wage war against your parents and blame them for everything of what you think you become. 

In every relationship,  there will always be misunderstandings in life. It depends upon on how every family can come up with healthy coping strategies and on how to calm the storms in their lives.

I assure you that a strong family relationship is essential. Coming from a broken family is not-so-good excuses that you carry the burden of the whole world on your shoulders. That's why you become a rebel. Like I said, life is too short to spend all your time and energy thinking about these problems

Did you think the brighter side of life? Be happy because you're alive. You have a lot of opportunities to fulfill your dreams. It's not too late to show how much you love and appreciate your loved ones.