Saturday, March 26, 2016

Investing In Sun Life Financial With Advisor Randell Mancol

Randell P. Mancol

By Alon Calinao Dy: As people age, this is the most common question if one has an invesment. It is not enough that we put our money in the bank with low gain in terms of interest rates. 

My friend named Randell P. Mancol, who is a certified public accountant, now working as a full time agent in Sun Life Financial said that investments such as stocks and bonds are important while you are still young. The need to invest your money into these is far better than keeping it in a savings account.

This friend of mine wants to help people to have an investment when they get old. I told him that I've lost 100 thousands pesos in just a year when I invested my money in PNB Life Insurance Optimum Green. He very carefully explained to me that I shouldn't invest my money in a U.S. dollar because the loss would be huge. Maybe,  I was too careless and easily persuaded by a manager named Ms. Chabeng at PNB Gapan Branch in Nueva Ecija to put all my money in this insurance for the sake of investing. DON'T INVEST FOR THE SAKE OF INVESTING.

Don't invest your money to something without knowing it. So sad, many Filipinos invest their money with no background checks as what I did. LEARN FROM ME. If you plan to invest your money, it's better to have a trusted advisor so that you'll not lose all your hard-earned money with a wrong decision.

Mr. Randell P. Mancol is a trusted advisor/insurance agent of Sun Life Financial. According to him, Sun Life Financial is a reliable Canadian-based company. This time I agree with my friend that it's one of the most stable financial institutions and is considered as one of the oldest life insurance companies in the world. 

If you want to invest in mutual funds, here are the following services that Sun Life Financial provides to its investors: 

1.) Equity or Stocks
2.) Bonds
3.) Balanced Fund (combination of Equity and Bonds)

If you want to know more about Sun Life Financial and their services, you may contact him at or call him at 09228082663. 

Me & Randell