Thursday, April 7, 2016

Angelika dela Cruz is Angry To Duterte's Basher

Photo credit: Angelika dela Cruz facebook page

By Alon Calinao Dy: Angelika dela Cruz shared her response to Duterte's basher on Facebook about an allegation with a million-pesos endorsement deal offered to her for Duterte's presidential campaign.

The actress said that she was the one who spent in making Duterte tarpaulins. 

A basher then said to Angelika "showbis." A former Star Magic Artist replied "epal." An Epal means an annoying nosy idiot who joins in a conversation uninvited. 

Perhaps, this is a misunderstanding of some people who want to destroy the image of Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte. Take a look at Mr. Robin Padilla. He is a volunteer advocate who campaigns for free in support of Mayor Duterte.

I have a great respect for those artists who support a candidate without expecting something in return. 

I guess the real epal candidates are the ones who spent multi-million pesos to get the endorsement of some celebrities. What-the-F! 

In today's blog, I want Filipino voters to see that they should follow their own hearts not what these artists endorse them to vote because some of them are paid to do so. 

It's not that I hate artists. In fact, I admire some celebrities like Angelika dela Cruz, Robin Padilla, and others. 

I think those celebrities endorsing the candidacy of Duterte are not paid artists. 

If you love Philippines, if you love your children, and if you love your countrymen, one should vote for a candidate who does not put himself/herself above the law. 

"No one is above the law" it means that everyone is subject to the law.

Screenshot photo on Angelika dela Cruz Facebook page