Tuesday, April 19, 2016

CBCP Should Not Be Influenced in The Dirty Game of Politics

By Alon Calinao Dy: This is just my personal opinion and I want to make it clear that I am not against to the teachings of the Catholic Church. 

But ever since when I was a child, religion and politics were two different things when it comes on how to build a peaceful society.

I do not understand what kind of a leader CBCP is looking for, if it is a leader who is good outside but evil inside or a leader who said he killed criminals but he is being loved by so many people because he is not corrupt and ensures that everyone is safe and follows the rule of law for peace and order. 

I have seen several politicians who go to the church every Sunday and it seems they used this place as a campaign venue to vote for them. The fact is their intentions to pray are not pure, and again, these are people who have issues of corruption, donate a huge amount of money to the church and heavily guarded by private armies.

But wait, I am not saying ALL OF THEM... 

In the past decades, Filipinos already TRIED and TESTED leaders those they thought were good and chosen ones but they failed to stop crime and corruption in the country. It even became worst when criminals could go outside the jail to be used as goons by these dirty politicians. 

In the Philippines, we have many unsolved rape cases and politically motivated crime. How can CBCP stop all these violence when Filipinos do not have a strong leader who has a POLITICAL WILL to end these different types of crime? 

I do agree on CBCP's stance that ""killing is a crime whether it is done by criminals or public officials no matter what the intention." But with a growing number of crimes in today's society, let's be realistic, how can you solve crime problems?

When I was in a high school seminary, I remember this popular Latin saying "vox populi, vox dei," which means the voice of the people is the voice of God. If a majority of Filipinos want Mayor Duterte to become the next president in the Philippines, so be it.

This time, let the voice of the people be heard and let them vote according to their own free will. I think CBCP should not interfere in the world of politics. Stop hatred as the church always teaches us about love and forgiveness.