Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Feeling Handsome Guy Demands For A Perfect Girlfriend On Facebook

By Alon Calinao Dy: Many people believe that "love is blind" and in real life, people say that "lovers are blind" and truly understand this concept of love as I have seen people around me who prove that love can do anything. Love is the most common topic among people especially the youth.

But in the case of Mr. Adriane, a Facebook user, who made a post, he demanded to have a perfect girl. According to his post, he is searching for a mestiza that matches his physical appearance. He also demands a partner with nice smelling breath...

This post went viral with many reactions coming from the netizens. In just an hour, he garnered thousands of likes and shares on social media and Mr. Adriane became an instant celebrity. As one online user said, "feeling handsome, like he is a drug addict." 

Even though most of the comments from the netizens are negative, there are some who express their support to this guy and even laugh at him. They said this man is bold as they have a respect for his courageous act. 

Of course, some commenters told that this is a fake account. They believe that no one is going to post like this in his right mind, demanding for a perfect woman when he looks like a drug user according to online users. 

I think this post is made to entertain people. I don't see a problem here when this guy expresses his freedom of speech to look for a perfect match. But one has to think many times that before you make an online post, you must be prepared for different reactions from the people who read it.