Wednesday, June 8, 2016

People Catch A University Belt Snatcher Through A Citizen's Arrest

Photo credit: Rosemarie P. Tan

By Alon Calinao Dy: President-elect Rodrigo Duterte wants to reduce crime, corruption and illegal drugs in the Philippines particularly in Metro Manila. Yes, it is happening...

On June 8, a University Belt snatcher near Far Eastern University (FEU) was caught in the act by locals and passers-by as many people nowadays are courageous to be police volunteers because they have given a special right by newly-elected president Duterte to make a citizen's arrest.

Filipinos now are different as they have a lot of courage to do right things. When they see something is not right, it is everyone's duty to cooperate with the government. 

University Belt in Manila is known to have a lot of criminals like snatchers and hold-uppers. These criminals mostly target students who study in universities and colleges. 

This snatcher in the picture who wore a black T-shirt was caught by the people before the law enforcers arrived. The victim was a helpless woman and probably a student in one of the University Belt schools. 

According to the people who witnessed the scene, a lot of concerned citizens in the University Belt chased the snatcher. That's why they quickly cornered a bag snatcher.