Tuesday, June 14, 2016

President-elect Rodrigo Duterte Can Solve Who Are Responsible For The Loss Of Yolanda Funds

By Alon Calinao Dy: Filipinos are tired of asking, "where are billions of Yolanda funds?" But even if they are tired about this question, it does not mean that they forget things easily after thousands of Filipino brothers and sisters had been killed by one of the strongest typhoons ever recorded not only in the Philippines but in the world. 

I would never forget those people who died in Super Typhoon Yolanda, also internationally known as Haiyan, in the Philippines. Because of this terrible storm, many people have changed their lives and those who have been affected till now they have a post-traumatic stress disorder that no large amounts of money can cure them, especially when they realized they did nothing to save their loved ones.

I was one of a thousand of people who asked this simple question repeatedly: where are billions of Yolanda funds? Until now, no one knows exactly. It can't be denied that even president-elect Rodrigo Duterte wanted to find out those who were responsible people behind the stealing of all foreign aid. He also asked the same question to the former DILG Secretary, Manuel "Mar" Roxas, during the last 2016 presidential election.

The former mayor of Davao City vowed to end corruption within 3 to 6 months aside from the issues of crime and illegal drugs. President Duterte knew that Aquino Administration was silent about these matters. The tough-talking mayor was among the people who quickly responded and helped the Yolanda survivors. He even cried for what he saw when he went there-- complete devastation. 

Instead of helping these victims to start a new life, they were robbed. I do not understand why some people took advantage of their bad situations. I don't know if they can sleep well at night after these corrupt officials stole billions of Yolanda funds. They have no conscience and showed lack of concern for others. Yes, sometimes people can be horrible than monsters. 

My questions to CBCP and CHR: are you one of the beneficiaries of all foreign aid? What did you do to stop these thieves?

For the Yolanda victims, the world may seem unfair, unjust and only a place that belongs to fortune people. Imagine if you are in their shoes, how would you react to everything that happens around you? But they remain hopeful that a real change is coming and that the new administration can answer the question everyone wants to know: where did the Yolanda funds go? 

After all, all of us are going to die some day and these things will not bring you happiness. Let's admit that some people took advantage of their bad situations, asking for Yolanda donations but only to discover that these funds go to their pocket. What a shame! Again, these material things will not bring you happiness and will soon be gone.