Friday, June 10, 2016

The Difference Between The Outgoing President Aquino And Incoming President Duterte

By Alon Calinao Dy: After all the hardships the country and its Filipinos had been through, president-elect Rodrigo Duterte is very optimistic that he can get rid of the country's major problems such as crime, corruption and illegal drugs. 

According to the reports, the outgoing president Benigno Aquino III takes all the blame to the previous administraions and he continues to criticize the incoming president for the fear to lose the democracy that his parents had been fighting against Marcos dictatorship.

There is a big difference between the outgoing president Aquino and incoming president Duterte. One is the quality of a true leader. For Duterte, he has a great concern for the poor and intends the government implements price control so that everyone can afford the market price.

On the other hand, Pnoy has allegedly started on the privatization of government institutions wherein many poor Filipinos can't pay their hospital bills and raising prices would be a financial burden, making the poor poorer.

I do not understand why Filipinos experience this kind of abuse from the government. If you are going to compare Singapore and Philippines, there is indeed a big difference.

Singapore government has a lot of public utility buses, media outlets, government hospitals, fastest internet access, and limits private vehicles so that most of their Singaporeans can enjoy these services provided by government to people.

President-elect Duterte wants the Filipinos to enjoy these government services because they deserve a better job, life, free hospitalization, and many more. In short, Filipinos deserve the best in Duterte administration.