Sunday, July 24, 2016

Duterte's SONA Speech Made Communications Secretary Martin Andanar Cry

Photo credit to the owner

By Alon Calinao Dy: Emotional Communications Secretary Martin Andanar said that Duterte' s SONA speech made him cry as it has full of powerful thoughts when he read the first sentence. The speech was made by our beloved president himself. 

As what I wrote in my blog, President Rodrigo Duterte has the power to inspire Filipino people with his words of wisdom. I personally believe that our current President inspired me as well. Since 2014, I started to write about him. 

I think he is not only a good speaker, but he is also one of the best writers I've ever known though I've not met him personally. From the very start, I've seen a man full of sincerity and courage in his heart. That's our beloved president. 

I believe this SONA speech is different from other SONA speeches. I understand the reason why Mr. Andanar cried after he read it, because it is full of love and truth coming from a president who only wants his country to be a safe and better place for everyone. 

I'm sure that over 16 million Filipinos who voted the President is going to be happy when they hear the SONA speech that only lasts about 38 minutes according to Mr. Andanar. 

But you know what, the secret why Duterte's SONA speech is very beautiful and powerful is because he speaks from the heart. A man who has full of sincerity and courage in his heart. Yes, "a man of his word" as others would describe him.