Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Part of Job When A Police Officer Dies And Part of Human Rights Violations When A Criminal Dies

By Alon Calinao Dy: It's true that not all police officers are clean cops and even PNP Chief General Ronald "Bato" dela Rosa himself admitted that he is doing the best as he can to bring back the trust of Filipinos. 

It's hard to tell when these human rights violations are committed by these cops when they risk themselves to chase these criminals on the city or narrowed streets; and when something bad happens to them, it's easy to say to the affected families that it's part of their job, yet so hard to accept on the part of their loved ones that they no longer have fathers and mothers as their breadwinners.

When criminals such as robbers, drug addicts, rapists have killed innocent people, it seems CBCP and CHR always interfere that human rights violations have been committed by police officers when in fact they don't know what's the truth for they also have rights to defend themselves against criminals who try to shoot and kill them. 

It's easy to say that law enforcers use excessive force, unjustified shootings, brutal treatment, and many more when they captured criminals who actually the root causes of killings.

But again, in fairness for those real victims of maltreatment, let me reiterate the point I already made, not all police officers are clean cops. Perhaps, it's true that some victims have encountered police brutality. Also, police abuse of power is not tolerated under Duterte administration.

President Rodrigo Duterte already warned police officers who used to abuse their power as he wanted to build a good reputation to all law enforcement agencies. Also, the president knew that in order to get the respect of Filipinos, it should start within your own backyard.