Sunday, July 10, 2016

President Rodrigo Duterte is Unstoppable Despite Death Threats

By Alon Calinao Dy: It's really tough for President Rodrigo Duterte, whose sole intention is to have a clean government, to perform his duties as a president of the Republic of the Philippines when he gets death threats from people who want to stop his goals to end the country's problems of criminality, corruption and illegal drugs.

Pia Morato, a solid supporter said "Even if the president is tough, It's still a very hard feeling to go about everyday knowing there are those who want to harm you. This is why we should all pray for our leaders especially our head of state. It's a seriously tough job. I hope our countrymen can once and for all unite."

Another supporter praised President Duterte and said, "no president ever in this country so brave enough to fight for equality and justice for the benefit of the common masses like Duterte."

While it is true that Filipinos have a strong, brave and honest president, supporters FOR A REAL CHANGE are worried about the safety of the president especially when he gets death threats from the people who want him dead and who think he is a real threat for their criminal activities.

Though President Duterte has been receiving more serious death threats from the drug lords and people who hate his strategies to fight various crimes in the country, no one can stop the Davao Eagle from doing his job since he wants to have a clean and honest government just what I said earlier.

Many Filipinos believe that he is an instrument to make the Philippines a better and safe place for everyone. While it is true that people's desires become his desires, it is the duty of every Filipino to protect the safety of our beloved president because he is risking his own life for the country and for the Filipinos.