Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Netizens Slam A Girl Who Posted A Male Passenger For Not Being A Gentleman

By Alon Calinao Dy: The girl named Karla Monique Olandesca on Facebook posted a photo of an unknown guy passenger in MRT bound from North Avenue to Araneta Cubao for not being a gentleman and for not let her sit down on the MRT.

Karla turned star after netizens reacted to her post, telling something bad against the guy. She said "kung ano kina-pangit ng mukha mo, yung din kina-pangit ugali mo [what makes you less physically attractive is the same with your bad attitude." 

After her post, it went viral and thousands of shares. Netizens didn't like the post after they read it. Some readers became emotional and said to have her own car rather than riding the MRT and being upset against this guy. 

Despite the truth about some male passengers who did not give priority to the elderly, women, and children on public transportation, some netizens didn't seem to be happy about her online post.

Here are the comments from netizens:

According to some netizens who posted, "don't complain when you don't own a public vehicle." Perhaps, this guy is tired from his work, or maybe he wants to rest and reserves his energy, we don't know. 

The said post is now making a lot of comments coming from netizens and it gets a lot of attention from the people who read it. Perhaps, on the other side, the girl is also tired from her work or getaway, we don't know, that's why she expects this guy to make a move and to be a gentleman. 

I think this serves a lesson for everyone. When I was still a nursing student at St. Jude College in Manila, I've learned that expectation can only continue to hurt you if your expectation is not fulfilled. And so the best thing is, don't expect that everyone is going to be kind and nice. Because in a real life, some people are rude.