Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Mad Doctor Does Not Want To Be Dictated By Patient

By Alon Calinao Dy: This video of Marie Farillon became viral and earned thousands of shares after she uploaded it. You can view the whole video on Marie Farillon Facebook timeline.

In this video, the doctor, who is allegedly working at Holy Infant Jesus Hospital, got annoyed to a patient who constantly asked for an x-ray after the patient had a motorcycle accident and was brought to their department. The doctor said she knew what to do if a patient needs an x-ray or not.

The doctor seemed disrespected when the patient asked again to undergo an x-ray even though the patient said it in a polite manner, and told the patient that the hospital is not wasting resources for nothing. 

This doctor received several remarks on social media. Netizens got surprised with the way this doctor acted in front of the patient. It was probably a hard day that she got stress at work, got a lot of admissions, or didn't want some patients telling her what to do or giving a suggestion. 

I think the doctor felt embarrassed having a patient who was persistent in asking a favor to have an x-ray that he may be suffering an injury. But Doctors always should try to bear in mind to have a lot of patience, even if they are tired dealing with a lot of patients.

Both doctor and patient have a heated argument as the physician felt the patient did not trust her to do the job. Some doctors, like other people, do not like to be dictated by their patients especially when their patients have doubts against them.