Thursday, August 11, 2016

Suspected Riding-in-tandem Robber Killed An Innocent Woman

By Alon Calinao Dy: The big problem of law enforcement in the Philippines is now these criminals, who are known as riding-in-tandem robbers or killers, that continue to instill fear in the hearts of Filipinos. So, what is the solution for this?


Last August 9, the horrifying event just happened. The victim named Rhem Pedrano was killed by an alleged suspected riding-in-tandem robber when the Solaire victim resisted to give her valuable victims to the robber.

Rhem Pedrano was one of the countless victims of roberry in Metro Manila. It would be better to find justice for her death and to put this killer on death row, just as what President Rodrigo Duterte said "retribution" for the criminals. 

President Rodrigo Duterte is doing his best to end the battle of criminality, corruption and illegal drugs in the country. Filipinos should cooperate and understand that this fight is everyone's fight.

Perhaps, the person/people, who did this to Ms. Pedrano, was under the influence of illegal drugs. These people addicted to narcotics need more money to sustain their drug use and addiction.

The senseless death of Ms. Pedrano cannot be achieved through prayer alone, there should be a strict government who would punish these criminals that continue to rob and kill their victims. The victim's family is now in deep grief.

I would be happy to see if CBCP and CHR are willing to help the Duterte government in a campaign against illegal drugs and criminality, or if they have a huge budget, they can build drug rehabilitation centers for the Filipinos who are into drugs.